Your Questions: ANSWERED


1. What is a Community Store?

Community stores are locally owned by community members in contrast to the distant, corporate shareholders of national retailers. Community-owned stores are designed by residents to meet specific local shopping needs at fair prices. Everyone in the community is given the opportunity to invest in the store by buying shares. Buying shares is voluntary and the store is open to everyone, whether they are share holders or not.

2. Where is The Community Store in Saranac Lake  located?

The Store is located at 97 Main Street in Saranac Lake, former home of Corvo’s Restaurant and for those with longer memories, once the home of the beloved Blue Gentian Restaurant. It’s also across the street from the Hotel Saranac.

3. How big is the Store?

With approximately 4,000 square feet, the Store is large enough to have the volume and variety of goods to attract customers, achieve profitability, and effectively fill the void in the range of retail goods available in Saranac Lake.

4. Who decides what is sold in the Store?

The community does! We are constantly updating our inventory to respond to local needs and preferences.  Click Here to submit your suggestions.

5. What types of goods does the Store carry?

Our mission is to carry quality goods at reasonable prices. Click Here for a list of what we offer.

6. How many employees does the Community Store have?

We have a manager and two assistant managers.  We expect to be hiring additional  part time employees during peak selling seasons.  Click Here for more employment information.