Our Mission: To Bring Reasonably Priced Goods to Saranac Lake
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Gail: 518-891-0182

Community Store Project
118 Shepard Ave.
Saranac Lake, NY 12983

The Community Store Project of Saranac Lake, New York

Spring 2011

Students get retail start-up experience, Adirondac Daily Enterprise, June 13, 2011

paul smiths capstonePaul Smiths College Students help out Community Store

A team of Business Management & Entrepreneurial Studies (BMES) seniors from Paul Smith's College partnered with the Saranac Lake Community Store during the Winter 2011 semester as consultants for the store. 

All Baccalaureate students at Paul Smith's are required to do a one-semester capstone project before graduating.

These BMES students decided to put together a product sourcing and marketing plan to aid the Store in moving toward their grand opening sometime during the summer or fall of 2011. The students worked closely with Melinda Little over a four-month period, researched various areas requested by the Board of Directors, and presented their findings to members of the board on April 26, 2011.  The response from the Store was enthusiastic and, frankly, surprised at the depth to which the PSC students tackled this project.  It was a wonderful example of the students and the community working together to make living in the Adirondacks a better experience for us all.

Click image for a larger version.  The students, from left to right are: Sarah Ammack, Jennifer Riley, Nicole Thompson, Alex Garry, Leydi Nunez, Max Krueger, and Catherine Fuller.  Two of them (Jenn and Catherine) are locals who graduated from Saranac Lake High School. Photo courtesy of Nancy Battaglia.

North Country Public Radio, March 17, 2011

Press Republican, March 17, 2011


Adirondack Daily Enterprise, March 16, 2011

WNBZ March 16, 2011
Winter 2011

Community Store Open House Feb 5
A Virtual Shopping Event
Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Jan 21, 2011

Saranac Lake Community Store Settles on Location
North Country Public Racio, Jan 20, 2011

Community Store is Worthy of Support
Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Dec 31, 2010

Fall 2010

"Community Store looking at former Corvo site"

With fundraising nearing the finsih line, board is looking for manager, assistand manager/buyer

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Oct 26, 2010

"Community Store Close in Saranac Lake"
North Country Public Radio, Oct 27, 2010

Community Store Narrows Funding Gap - Accepting Resumes
Oct 26, 2010
Summer 2010
"Almost There"
Adirondack Daily Enterprise, July 14, 2010
June: the Stock Offering for the Saranac Lake Community Store has been extended to Dec 22, 2010.
Spring 2010
Winter 2009-10
"Communty Store on the Home Stretch"
Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Jan 8, 2010

January 16 at Will Rogers
Find Out More

December: the Stock Offering for the Saranac Lake Community Store has been extended to June 22, 2010. Shares can be purchased at any time by contacting Melinda (518-891-0197), Gail (518-891-0182), or Alan (518-891-3464).
Fall 2009
Community Store Nears Half Million Dollar Goal
Press Republican, Nov 24, 2009

"Community store passes $400K mark"
Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Nov 2, 2009

Saranac Lake Community Store Closer to Goal
Adirondack Almanac, Oct. 20, 2009
Summer 2009
"Community Store to Hold an Invest-a-thon at the Block Party"
Press Release, July 29, 2009

"Community-Owned Stores on the Rise"
Epoch Times, July 21, 2009

"Money Raised" (scroll down_
Press Repbulican, July 12, 2009

"Mountain" (editorial)
Adirondack Daily Enterprise, July 10, 2009

Melinda Little, President of the Interim Board, announced that the Stock Offering for the Saranac Lake Community Store has been extended to Dec. 21, 2009.  This will give both seasonal residents, visitors, and locals another 6 months to make this dream come true.

Shares can be purchased at any time by contacting Melinda (518-891-0197), Gail (518-891-0182), or Alan (518-891-3464).

Other news: renderings of the interior of the store are in the works. They will be unveiled in August.

Want to learn more? You can sometimes find Melinda and/or Gail at the Saranac Lake Village Farmer's Market - Saturday mornings, Riverside Park.

Shares are sold by prospectus only to residents of New York State, no. 107-1504.
May 2009
WAMC Interview
May 21, 2009

Community Store mentioned in USA Today
May 20, 2009

"Tri-Lakers should help Community Store"
Adirondack Daily Enterprise, May 12, 2009

"Help Community Store Turn the Corner"
Adirondack Daily Enterprise, May 1, 2009

Let's 'Git-R-Done'!
Community Breakfast at the Library, May 9th

Saranac Lake, April 30th, 2009 – Saranac Lake Community Store invites all to join us for breakfast on Saturday May 9th from 8am to 11am in the ADIRONDACK ARTISTS' GUILD GALLERY, 52 MAIN ST. SARANAC LAKE.

As we are now moving into the final stretch of capital-raising, there is a renewed sense of urgency to complete this phase and move on to the real work of leasing property, hiring key staff and getting this exciting venture off the ground.

We have raised nearly $350,000 toward our goal of $500,000 in initial capital!

Many people, both within the Tri-Lakes and elsewhere, have either invested or lent their support in other ways and we are immensely grateful to them all.

With an average investment of about $750 per subscriber, we just need about 200 more people to come on board or for existing supporters to increase their investment.

Members of the Interim Board will be on hand to answer questions, receive your suggestions and, of course, to sell shares.

Saranac Lake Community Store is a grass-roots, community effort to round out the availability of retail goods in the Tri-Lakes region to meet peoples’ needs and enhance the viability and sustainability of the local community.

Shares are sold by prospectus only to residents of New York State, no. 107-1504.

Contact: Melinda Little    518-891-0197     
Alan Brown    518-891-3464
Gail Brill    518-891-0182
Spring 2009
"Community Store Battles Struggling Economy with New Fundraisers"
WNBZ, April 14. 2009 &, April 18, 2009

February 2009
Blackbeard's Boogie Wonderland Family Disco Dance Party! Feb. 12

Independent Retailers Outperform Chains Over Holidays
Institute for Local Self-Reliance
January 2009

"Saranc Lake's Community Store Moves Closer to Reality"
Plattsburgh Press Republican, Jan. 25, 2009

"Slow but Steady Community Effort"
Albany Times Union, Fri. Jan 9, 2009

December 2008
Offering Extended!
"The organizers are excited to be more than 3/5 of the way towards our goal. We have asked for and been granted one more extension for the Offering and now have until mid-June to raise the balance of the monies needed. 

If you've been meaning to invest, but haven't yet done so, you can simply contact one of the board members listed below or keep your eyes out for the next Open House after the first of the year. With your help, we're looking forward to opening the store in 2009!  Happy New Year to all!

Melinda Little 891-0197
Gail Brill 891-7230
Alan Brown 891-3464

Community Store helps organize the "Buy Local" campaign. NCPR story
November 2008
Belts tighten as winter comes early - good time to invest in the Community Store and help make Saranac Lake self-sufficient!
pumpkinOctober 2008
OPEN HOUSES:  Saturday, Oct.  11 and on Monday, Oct. 13 from 10 am to 1 pm at the Saranac Lake Chamber of Commerce at the Harrietstown Town Hall.
"Retail in the Coming Storm" NPR Radio discussion (On Point, 10/23/08) - small, corner stores could be the key to success. Listen....(there's a caller from Saranac Lake at about the 39 minute mark).
August 2008
Community Store Advances Towards it's Goal of $500,000
Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Aug. 22, 2008
july 4July 2008

Selling Shares during the July 4 celebrations and other summer events.
June 2008
The Community Store filed for another 6 month extension. Stock offering will continue until mid-December 2008.
Editorial: "A Store that's Good for All"
Press Republican, June 24, 2008
May 2008
"Thanks for Support - More Still Needed"
Letter to Editor, Adirondack Daily Enterprise, May 20, 2008
"Invest in Your Community"
Guest Commentary, Adirondack Daily Enterprise, May 1, 2008
Email for more info.
March 2008
"In Support of the Community Store"
Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Letter to the Editor, March 27, 2008
"Why Not Buy Into Community Owned Store?"
"Village Soup", Online, Waldo County Citizens Opinions

January 2008
January Update
Community Store to hold Upcoming Open Houses to Help Boost
Last Stretch of Campaign
- Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Jan. 22, 2008
 Store's Backers Maintain Vision - Albany Times Union, Jan. 11, 2008
December 2007
Shares Sold at Sparkle Village - $205,800!
November 2007
Community Store Open House - Fri. Nov. 23, 2007

Great Success - New Total: $192,600
Luncheon a Success: Community Store Moves $18K
Closer to its Goal
Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Nov. 15, 2007
October 2007
"Saving an Endangered Adirondack Species"
Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Oct. 3, 2007
September 2007
The "Isolated Adirondackers try to open own Community Store" Associated Press article has been carried by dozens of different news media, all over the country and in Canada!
August 2007
"Community Invests in Store"
Albany Times Union, Aug. 17, 2007
"Community Store Effort Getting Noticed"
Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Aug. 21, 2007
"Isolated Adirondackers try to open own Community Store",, August 26, 2007
July 2007

JULY 17, 2007, Adirondack Daily Enterprise
"Store will Symbolize Community Pride", July 17, 2007
"Saranac Lake Adopts "Community Store"
WCAX-TV, July 17, 2007
"In Saranac Lake, Community Store Shares Go on Sale"

Lake Placid News
"Saranac Lakers Want to Create their own  Retail Store"
Press Republican, July 24, 2007
"Believing, Investing in Saranac Lake"
Adirondack Daily Enterprise, July 25, 2007
May 2007

"A Cautionary Tale", Adirondack Daily Enterprise, May 30, 2007
Community Store presentation - 7:30, May 18 at Saranac Village at Will Rogers. Free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served. For more information: 891-7230

Community Store board member Gail Brill will be making a presentation about the Saranac Lake Community Store at the Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility conference in Burlington, May 16 - 17th. One of the keynote speakers is Sharon Earhart - who spoke in Saranac Lake in 2006 on the Powell, Wyoming Community Store.

Click HERE to learn more about the conference.
April 2007
Actively seeking out a store location.

March 2007

Community store to start selling $100 shares soon

By MIKE LYNCH, Enterprise Staff Writer
Posted on: Friday, March 16, 200
Click HERE for a link to the complete article.

WANTED: Resumes from people who would be interested in the position of being the "Buyer" or Manager for the Community Store. Please send to Community Store Project, PO Box 203, Saranac Lake, NY 12983
February 2007
Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Parade!
We will have underwear!

January 2007
A successful public forum was held on January 9 - stay-tuned for more updates as we make progress towards bringing a community owned store to Saranac Lake.

A small fundraising committee has been formed to help raise 'seed money' (or start up money) for this exciting project. $2500 is needed immediately to pay for incorporation filing fees (projected to run us about  $700) and the purchase of a corporate kit, including stock certificates (an estimated $1300 - $1800.)  They have $700 in hand and pledges of another $300.
December 2006

The business plan for the Community Store project is just days away from being finalized and we are now at a point where we can use your help. First of all, we are forming a fundraising committee to help generate donations to cover the store's initial expenses (ie. printing, early legal fees, etc.)  If you are interested, please email Melinda at: The first meeting is tentatively scheduled for January 11th at 7 pm, location TBD.

November 2006

WANTED: Resumes from people who would be interested in the position of being the "Buyer" for the Community Store. Please send to Community Store Project, PO Box 203, Saranac Lake, NY 12983.

Hear Gail Brill and Melinda Little of the Community Store Project on WNBZ's K&J Show 11/14/06 - CLICK HERE

Progress is being made on the business plan - it is now under review by our advisory board. Information and updates will be posted here as soon as we are ready to make a public announcement.
October 2006

We have secured the services of attorney, Charles Noth to help guide us through the process of incorporating and, eventually, selling shares. An experienced corporate and securities attorney, Charles is with the firm, Smith, Dwyer and Bliss in Lake Placid.
Work on the business plan is moving along.  We are still expecting to have the first draft completed by the end of October. Please stay tuned for updates.

Our Advisory Board has been formed and is listed in the link below.

Advisory Board Created for Community Store Project
NEW - Greenfield Mercantile Considering Two Downtown Locations
"Community-Owned Store Touted For Saranac"
Press Republican, 6/23/06